March 2018 update 

Rexy has finally found his perfect match!!  He is in a fabulous home in Vancouver with a wonderful woman who is very patient and adores him.   It is a big change for him and he is very brave.  He has a really nice new life ahead with his own permanent home.  We are thrilled that Rexy has finally found his miracle.

Rexy is a lovely middle-aged feral neutered male.  He is used to the comfy indoor life and has become mostly domestic but nervous around most people.  He can be petted with treats in hand and can sometime be brushed.  He panics quite easily and can revert to more feral behavior if startled.  

Rexy gets along with female nondominant cats but is very dominant around some males.  With smaller, older or nondominant males he will basically get on top of them and hold them down by the neck.  However, with a large nondominant male he lets them be the boss and gets along okay.

Rexy is a handsome guy but not a cuddler at all.  He needs patience as he is easily frightened.  He has long hair and does get hairballs fairly often but currently has no health issues.  We have had dental surgery for him and in the future he will need to have exams and probably have his teeth cleaned as he may need more teeth extracted in the future.

Rexy needs a 100% indoors home with no access to the outside - meaning screens in windows and no time on an outdoor patio.  He will be best where the main door goes to a hallway, such as in an apartment or condo, and where there is an enclosed sunroom.  A patio would be bad as he can easily panic and could jump or fall off - as we know has happened to many cats of this type when scared.  

If someone is interested in Rexy we would be delighted but after screening and home check we would need to have them come spend time with him on several occasions to get to know him.  He is a very independent cat and definitely not a lap cat.  He does like to be around another cat.  If you have a nondominant female who is alone while you are at work, Rexy could be a good roommate for her - but probably will not directly interact with the other cat other than following them and sniffing them.