August 2019 update on Archie: Archie became a stray when his owner died. Archie has kidney and thyroid conditions and has again developed a skin condition. He is doing well and with treatment his hair is growing in over bald spots. Archie has a sponsor, Denis, who has donated monthly for several years to cover his food and meds. Archie now also has senior visitor, Pat, who is his best friend. She visits him several times a week. She is his best friend and her visits are the highlights of his day. He loves his one or two hours of lap time and we are thrilled that he can have this attention and love. He is a great kitty.


Archie became a stray after his owner died. He came to us with broken toes and was somewhat in bad condition due to being attacked by other cats. He is FIV positive now after a rough time outside. He is an adult neutered male.

It took awhile for Archie to heal and he also had a skin condition that is now under good control with proper food. He is a sweet cat who gets along with other cats but can be dominant and pushy with some. Archie is fine with people he knows but with new people he is not only super shy but can be very very scared. Archie needs a home with an extreme amount of patience as he does not like change at all. After all he has been through and the time he has been here recuperating (fine now though!) he thinks of this as his home and has panicked when meeting new people. With patience he could be a very nice companion.

Archie must be 100% indoors (secure screens in windows and no patio time) as he would be an escape risk due to being easily scared of new circumstances. An apartment or condo with door to a hallway (not outside) and enclosed sunroom would be best for him.

With his FIV positive status he is healthy now. We cannot predict the future but hope he has many years ahead without health issues.