About Mindy

Mindy is white with lovely gray markings and has a one-of-a-kind appearance. The gray areas almost look like the design of a coat and hat. She is friendly, but a loner. She socializes a little bit at breakfast and then retreats for quality alone time during the day. When Mindy is very comfortable with someone, she will sit in their lap.

Mindy is quite affectionate, purrs loudly, and likes to roll around on the carpet and be petted and snuggled – once she gets used to someone which can take a couple months. She is timid around other cats and is easily frightened by dominant cats.

Mindy is very sweet and content to nap all day and wait for someone who is gone all day, but loves to come up to them later and meow to ask for attention.

Mindy is clean cat and healthy cat. She would be a good companion and nice cat to come home to. When comfy she will sleep on the foot of the bed or near the bed.

Mindy particularly likes women and in her past foster home she sometimes left the room when the husband entered. We don’t know why she is afraid of men, but she may do best in a home with only a woman.

Here is why Mindy is in this Cats in Care section: Mindy has a behavior problem where she will pee over the end of the box and occasionally has peed on other items. If there are other cats in her area she will also occasionally pee on other things to mark her territory. If she were with one quiet woman and no other cats, perhaps this would not happen as she has had long periods of not doing this – but it would be a trial foster or adoption.

Mindy has become overweight this year due to being with other cats and the type of feeding required for that situation. She would do well in a situation where the amount of her food could be controlled. Once settled and comfortable, Mindy would be a wonderful companion.




Mindy no longer has a “sponsor” but is very comfortable and enjoys her life here.  However, her litter box issue has worsened and she requires a lot of special care and bedding changes.  She has also had some issues with diarrhea but is stable now with treatment.



Mindy is doing about the same.  She is a healthy kitty but still has her litter box issue.  She enjoys the company of her roommate Mrs. Spice and also likes petting.  Mindy has a sponsor who donates for her food..



Mindy still has a litter box issue and will occasionally pee in her cat bed, etc. ...  However, she is extremely affectionate and loves petting.  She has gained weight and is on a diet now.  For Mindy, this is her home and we are able to accommodate her needs at the rescue.  



Mindy does pee in the litter box a great deal of the time now, but not 100%. She remains unadoptable but has her friends here, feline and human, and is content.



Mindy is a great cat and is very stable and in good health. However. she simply will not always pee in the litter box, so she remains unadoptable. She is a very sweet girl and we will continue to provide a home for her as we are better equipped to deal with her issue than the average home...  



Mindy is getting along well with the other cats here.  She has continued to have her litter box problem but would be happy to have a home of her own someday if someone is willing to deal with her issues.