Tofu aka Tofy

Sept. 2019 update:  Tofu is doing well but gets a rash on his forehead if he is stressed.  He is stable on his kidney and thyroid medication.  He doesn’t do well with change and at his advanced age it is best he doesn’t need to adjust to a new home.  He is fostered by a Board member.   

Tofu is a senior on kidney and thyroid medication.  He is a super sweet and gentle cat with a nice personality. He needs subcutaneous fluids every few days. He needs to be an only cat. If other cats are near he gets an allergic reaction of a rash on his forehead! No other pets. He must be 100% indoors and not on patio. We would like a very quiet foster home - senior perhaps - in Sidney or Saanichton area so I could do the subQ fluids and he is near us and our vet. He is doing well currently!  He is on renal food and takes medication in the food.  He is good with his litter box which needs to be scooped at least twice a day.  Email Linda at for more info.