Beanie is diabetic and we are in the process of getting a stable dose of insulin for him.  He has gone from 1 unit twice a day to just over 1.5 units twice a day.  He is on DM food and doing well.  We need to continue to test him and find a dose where he can have his numbers in the normal zone.  This is a slow process and when this is complete he will need a great home where they are very experienced with diabetic cats.  In the past he was with one other cat – a female.  Here he is not around other cats. He is a very mellow guy and can be picked up but is not fond of it.  He is not a lap cat.  However, he is a very friendly and laidback buy who likes petting and brushing.  At the vet he was very stressed and not easy to handle – as he probably had not had many changes in his life.  We hope sometime this summer he will be ready for a great home.  He is a neutered male probably around 8 to 10 but not sure.  We love Beanie and hope he later gets the home he dreams of and deserves. He had a great home in the past, but unfortunately due to his owner’s own medical condition he was unable to provide the care needed and wants Beanie to have a good life. 

bean 2.JPG