Margarita is a very nice senior kitty who is congenial and loves to sleep on the bed with "her person". She is on kidney medication which she takes in her food. She does shed a fair amount and needs brushing. Here if there are other cats, she tries to stay away from them. Her only issue is that she needs a regular litter boxes and also a couple of empty litter boxes. She will use each one once and then if they are not cleaned she will pee next to the box on a pee pad. She does not pee in other places around the home - but loves to use these empty boxes. It does save on litter! We are seeking an adoptive 100% indoors home or an indoors foster home which could evolve into long-term if it is a good match. Here is a video of her on a vet visit a few months ago. (Videos after this one on You Tube are not our cats!)