January 2019

update: Clancy’s surgery was a great success and the large mass was totally removed.  However, biopsy results showed that he does have cancer in the lymph nodes that is untreatable.  This was a great disappointment.  However, he may have a long time left – it is unknown whether it might be two months or two years...  It has now been over a month since surgery and Clancy is still doing really well and enjoying life.  He is eating well and seeming totally normal and “healthy” at this point.  Clancy lives in the present, so we will too and just enjoy every day to the fullest. 

December 2018

Update on Clancy :   Clancy is a very affectionate kitty who loves to be carried around or sit in a lap.  He is a hugger.  When we rescued Clancy his eyes and ears were so messy with infection he could hardly see or hear and his mouth was also a disaster.  We did everything he needed to feel better, including dental surgery and eye surgery.  We then placed him in our Long Term Senior Foster Program where he is well cared for and gets 24/7 attention and all the love he has always wanted.  He loves the indoors life and is feeling good for the first time in many years.    

However, although his blood tests are good and he appears healthy, Clancy developed a mass on the side of his head behind his ear.  We have provided ongoing care but the mass slowly enlarged to where he now needs surgery by a specialist.  We have had a biopsy and CT scans and his surgery is on December 13.     

Clancy will need a lot of follow-up care to get through this.  The expenses are high and we need your help for this sweet and lovable kitty.  Clancy loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him.  We hope the surgery is a success and that he can have many years ahead.  He deserves a good life after all he has been through.  

Our vet and the specialist have been very kind with discounts, but his surgical needs for the mass (so far, although large, considered not malignant...) are complex and we need a lot of help to give him the care he needs and deserves.  Please see our "donate" section for ways to donate towards Clancy's vet expenses.  Also please see our Facebook page where we have auctions every weekend with proceeds currently going to Clancy.  Thank you for your help.  It takes teamwork!

May 2018

Clancy is in a senior foster home.  He still needs surgeries in May for his eyes and teeth.

Clancy is a very affectionate and sweet fellow (except when getting his eye drops).  He is very loving and he is very happy to have a “mom” who gives him all the cuddling he needs.  We hope to get all of his conditions taken care of in May so he will be pain-free for the first time in many years.