Diva Marie


June 2018 update

Diva Marie is a very lucky girl to have a foster mom who is an angel. Diva’s litter box behaviour reverted a bit to her previous nonuse for defecating... but her mom is totally on top of things with keeping things clean and sanitary. She says that one little thing is minor (others considered it major) compared to the love she shares with Diva Marie. Her mom had Tremain before this and he was an impossible to place cat. She is willing to take those that literally no one wants. So other than the 5 minutes a day for one little clean-up, the other 23 hours and 55 minutes they are in blissful harmony. We thought Diva would be here forever and restricted to her pen for a certain period every day. Now she has had this wonderful home for a year and they are both very happy and truly bonded. Diva Marie’s mom provides her food and Diva has not needed vet care so long as she stays on her fiber food.

About Diva Marie

Diva Marie is a beautiful big girl! She is absolutely lovely and adorable. She was adopted as a kitten from another rescue. In one-and-a-half years Diva developed a problem and the rescue was not able to take her back. The family could not solve the problem, so we took her in.

Diva behaves perfectly and gets along with other cats over time. She is affectionate and also confident. She loves food and must be monitored to not have too much as she could gain a lot of weight easily.

She uses the litter box perfectly for peeing. However, she will not poop in a litter box full of litter. We have been working with this problem. We had her trained to use an empty box that had a shiny placemat inside which she seemed to relate to very well and used consistently. Then when she was changed to a different room the problem came back. Now she pretty consistently poops and buries it in a towel! This is not something most people can relate to and accept.



August 2017 update

Diva Marie finally found her perfect match.  She is now in our Senior Foster Program and is doing very well.

Even her litter box “issue” has greatly improved now that she no longer needs to be around other cats.  She has a constant companion and someone to sleep with now!


Update December 2016

Diva Marie is much happier now that there are no females in her room.  She is a lovely BIG girl and would love a home of her own.  Unfortunately, her litter box issue continues.... she does pee in her box BUT otherwise goes outside of the box.... usually in a stack of paper towels next to her box in her overnight pen.  Sigh.  Luckily she has a kind sponsor who donates for her food as she waits for a miracle.  On her own in a home she would be a lovely companion, but there are no guarantees her litter behavior would change.  We do know she would not pee outside her box and is very good about that.



Diva Marie has now been here over two years.  Her litter box issue (peeing in litter box and pooping outside litter box) was better for awhile when she used an empty litter box regularly.  When we put another female (little Marcie) in her room Diva became jealous and went back to her old behaviour.  She was fine around Marcie but was not fine with the box.  Marcie just went to a senior foster home, so we hope Diva Marie will improve.  She had been doing really well before Marcie’s arrival.  Diva Marie is a fabulous cat – just this one frustrating issue....



Diva Marie is a sweetheart. She is very congenial and friendly. She gets along with other cats. She needs an indoors-only home. However, she has a weight issue and needs some good play time and a restricted diet. Her litter box problem mentioned below is not 100% solved, but might be in a permanent and stable home. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She is almost a Maine Coon-like cat. She is very congenial and even-tempered and likes new people.



Diva Marie has made GREAT PROGRESS! She continues to be very good about peeing in a regular litter box and she now poops in an empty litter box very consistently! This can be conveniently emptied into a toilet and quickly flushed away. We hope this makes her more adoptable. However, in a new home this would be a trial. She gets along well with the two senior males she shares a room with. She is a very well-adjusted and congenial kitty who can be very affectionate at times. She is easy to pick up. She is a big girl and very beautiful!