About Gem


Gem is just over 4 years old, spayed, and very healthy. She is a beautiful girl who is very friendly but not necessarily a lap cat. She likes to follow her person around. She is a nice companion and likes to play. She does not like petting from the front but does respond to petting from the back which is true of many cats. Before her first adoption she was okay with other cats if they stayed out of her space. After a lot of time alone without other cats in all three homes, she is now used to being an only cat. She is dominant around other cats but after awhile is somewhat okay if they stay far from her. She is super cute and sweet and ideally needs a home of her own. She is a 100% totally indoors cat and needs a home with no access to the outside. She was born inside and has always been inside. We are hoping to find a new home soon before she must leave her current foster home so she doesn’t need even more changes. This beautiful little girl needs a patient and loving home very soon!



June 2018 update

Gem can be a wild and crazy girl. She has a senior foster mom who adores her and totally understands her quirks.  Gem can be very sweet and then have a surprising change of mood and her mom is aware of this and knows how to accommodate her and keep her calm.  They have a really great time together.  Her mom really admires her independent and interesting – and sometimes exciting! – personality.  We are so happy Gem is with a true soul mate.  Her mom is able to donate for her food and Gem has not needed vet care since intake which is wonderful. 

Update December 2016

Gem is enjoying her senior foster home. She enjoys a cardboard fortress.



Unfortunately Gem had to leave her very loving forever home after 2-1/2 years. She had a brief senior foster home that started out great but then she had a high jump leading to an accident and a “bite” to her foster mom and needed to come back to the rescue.


Gem has found a wonderful forever home! She is exploring the place and getting to know her new mom.