About Madeline

December 2018 update: Maddie has a home in our senior program!! We are thrilled that a long time senior volunteer has taken Maddie into her home as a senior foster in our program. Maddie now gets special attention with all the “small meals” she needs! Because of this her vomiting is very much reduced and only about once every 3 weeks. Maddie is so happy to have her own person and no cats. She has a seagull visitor every day who comes to the deck window. She has lots of lap time and follows her “mom” everywhere in the apartment. We are so happy for Maddie. It took a few years but she got a great forever home in our Long Term Senior Foster Program. Maddie has a sponsor for all of her many meds and vet care and her mom also contributes towards her food. We are happy that Maddie got her miracle. Maddie is a great cat and super affectionate. However, she is currently on three meds for a vomiting problem, one med for thyroid, and has a hernia which is very unusual as her entire bladder is in the hernia! She is under vet care and her problems are under control and she is stable.

She does not do well with other female cats and even if she senses them outside her door she will occasionally pee on something to mark the area. We still have hopes that with a home of her own with no other cats – and kept on her meds – she could be a great cat for a kind and caring person.