Mr. Mittens

Mr. Mittens


About Mr. Mittens

Hi folks,

I was called Mr. Mittens by the family feeding me after I became homeless a couple of years ago. Before that my meals were from garbage cans and it was very humiliating to have to find food that way – and I must say “food” is hardly the definition of the stuff I was finding that was even somewhat edible. Anyway, those days are behind me and I’ve been assured I will never be homeless again.

I am around 6 and strikingly handsome, if I do say so myself. My face has great character and I am big and strong and muscular. I’m wearing what they call a “grey tuxedo” and my fur is becoming velvety after a couple of years of being more in the “old theater carpet” category… I am neutered, had a vet exam, and was dewormed and flea treated on intake at the rescue. I am now the new kid at the orphanage.

I was surviving okay but felt miserable a lot of the time because I had SO many flea bites and an allergic reaction to them AND I had an ulcer in my mouth. I received shots for both of these conditions and I healed very quickly. Oh, yes, I am FIV negative too!

I am very, very affectionate and demand petting and lots of attention. However, I get so very excited that I haven’t been able to stop myself from sometimes biting. Do you understand a cat like me and know how to communicate with me? I would like to improve my behavior so I can get a good home with a good person and I don’t really mean to hurt anyone!

Because I come across as dominant, I am not yet out of my pen and in with the other guys. I don’t like being in “jail”, yet I’m not to sure I want to intermingle with those other cats here. That is why it is very important for me to get a foster home of my own and, ideally, a permanent home of my own. I might need to be an only cat – but I have enough love that I’m all you will ever need.

I need an indoors home where I will now be safe and warm and need not be “on guard” anymore. It was stressful being outside and fending off dangers on a daily basis. I am probably lucky to be alive! Can you help me??



Update March 2013

 Mr. Mittens desperately needs a quiet 100% indoors home. He gets along with NONdominant cats. He is very affectionate but not good with children as he can get revved up with play. He is a very sweet kitty!