Oliver is a big soft kitty who loves his life with an older senior in our Long Term Senior Foster Program.  Oliver’s “mom” had a stroke a few years ago.  Oliver has been a wonderful companion for her.  He is happy and healthy and they have been together for a few years.  When we first got Oliver he had been peeing in inappropriate places in a busy household.  In the quiet home of this lovely senior and her homecare worker Oliver has flourished and has been a very good kitty.  This is the perfect match for Oliver and for his mom.  We hope they have many more years together ahead.

Update on Oliver  June 20, 2018

Oliver’s foster mom went into a nursing home. Oliver is now in a wonderful new foster home in a senior independent living building.  He immediately adjusted to his new home and new mom and is having a wonderful time.  There are many visitors and he interacts with all of them and is very friendly.  Oliver is a rare kitty who is a people-lover and always congenial.  Although he is almost larger than his mom, he does sit in her lap.  Oliver’s foster mom is able to donate for his food which is very helpful.