About Rooby

Rooby is a very healthy (confirmed on exam and blood tests) 17-year-old female who is looking for a home. She needs a home of her own because she is afraid of other cats. She was mostly outdoors over the years but now needs to retire to a safe 100% indoors home. Rooby is a super affectionate and friendly cat who would love to be someone’s full-time companion. She is a candidate for adoption or for our Long Term Senior Foster Program.



June 2018 update

Rooby continues to spend most of her life on her senior foster mom’s lap. She is a darling old girl, maybe 19 or 20 by now.  She does get dehydrated and we administer subcutaneous fluids.  She doesn’t like it but does put up with it.  She is doing well on  Semintra for her kidney condition and will usual eat her renal care diet but does like her Fancy Feast! 


Update July 2017

Rooby, now 18, is doing well on her kidney medication.  She loves her foster mom and spends a lot of time on her lap.  They will be moving together to an assisted living facility soon.


Update April 2016

Rooby is in a senior foster home and doing well, happy to have the lap of a lovely lady to sit in.