Our Story

Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society was formed in 2009 for the purpose of rescuing abandoned domestic cats and helping feral cats. Our goal is to find good foster and permanent homes for cats we have rescued so we can help more cats in the future. When possible, we maintain long-term foster homes for seniors, low income families, and those on disability. We rely heavily on donations from supporters in order to help cats in desperate need of food, shelter, and medical care. Donations also allow us to maintain our foster homes which greatly benefit not only the cats but also the people who love them.


Gift Donations

 We hope you will think of us when making gift donations. Email Linda at catadopt@shaw.ca for more detailed info.

 We will send a card telling them about the gift donation in their name and what it will provide. These donation gifts literally save kitties' lives!

 Here are a few of the things your gift donations will provide for rescued kitties who have not yet found homes due to medical or behavioural issues. Your choice will be noted in the card we send your gift recipient.

  • $10 pays for catnip for our cat toys made by volunteers
  • $10 provides kitty litter for a rescued cat for a month
  • $15 feeds a rescued cat for two weeks
  • $25 provides medication for a rescued cat
  • $25 pays for a scratching post for a foster home
  • $30 feeds a rescued cat for one month
  • $50 covers a vet exam for a rescued cat
  • $50 provide 100 needles for a diabetic cat
  • $50 pays for insulin for a diabetic cat
  • $50 provides thyroid or kidney medication for a senior cat for a month
  • $50 covers basic expenses for a cat in a Long Term Senior Foster Home
  • $50 provides food for a rural feral feeding station for a month
  • $75 pays for an exam and antibiotics for a rescued cat
  • $75 covers an X-ray for a cat in need
  • $100 pays for a tall cat post/condo for a cat in a foster home
  • $150 covers a geriatric blood panel for a rescued senior cat
  • $500 covers a straightforward dental surgical procedure for a cat


Purdy's Chocolates 2017 Fundraiser

November 2017

 Deadline for ordering is Friday night, November 24 Delivery in the Greater Victoria area is Saturday, December 3 Register with your name, email address, and password. Our rescue will receive 25% of what you spend before tax.
Our Account Number is 28430
Click here to register.
Email Linda at catadopt@shaw.ca to plan delivery!

Smile Card Program

April 2017 - April 2018

 Our new Smile Card program at Thrifty’s begins April 30, 2017. We will receive 5% of all you load on your cards for purchases (before tax) until we reach $2,500 which usually takes about a year. We then apply for a new program. All old cards are still good. If you need a card, email Linda at catadopt@shaw.ca with your name and address and she will mail you a card. Thank you for helping! 100% of the money from this will be used for vet care and medication.

Thrifty’s has increased our goal available to $3,000!


Our Supporters

Saanichton Village Veterinary Hospital
7-7816 E. Saanich Rd, Saanichton, BC
V8M 2B3

Studio Oceana

Royal Oak Vet Clinic

Scrubby's Laundromat in Victoria

Elements Compounding Pharmacy
3540 Blanshard St.
Victoria, BC

2425 Bevan Ave, Sidney, BC, V8L 4R7

Pets West
220 - 777 Royal Oak Dr
Victoria, BC

Bosley's - Royal Oak
104 - 4478 West Saanich Road
Victoria, BC

James Bay Pet Supplies
300 Beckley Ave.
Victoria, BC

Red Brick Café
2423 Beacon St.
Sidney, BC

Glanford Bottle Depot
4261 Glanford Ave.
Victoria, BC

Sidney Bottle Depot
5-10025 Galaran Rd
Sidney, BC

Beacon Cat Hospital
9711 Fifth St.
Sidney, BC

Elk Lake
Veterinary Hospital

4975 Pat Bay Hwy
Saanich, BC

Sidney Pet Centre
4-9769 Fifth St.
Sidney, BC

Shelbourne Pet Clinic
103-1638 McKenzie
Victoria, BC

Peace At Home Pet Care & Cat Grooming

Countryside Pet Hospital

OK Tire
6800 Oldfield Rd.