How to Donate


Registered Charity #803913060 RR0001

Mail cheques to:

Helping Homeless Cats
P. O. Box 101
Saanichton, BCV8M 2C3 


Dedicated volunteers (not paid employees) run Helping Homeless Cats rescue and cats are kept in foster homes until adoption.  We depend on your donations which are a great help to us. Please:

  • mail a cheque - and we will mail you a tax receipt

  • use our donation page to donate by credit card or by PayPal to "Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society". They provide your tax receipt.

  • use our PayPal donation page to donate to our account , either through PayPal or by credit card (even without a PayPal account). For a tax receipt, please email us your name and address or fill out and return a donation form to us found in Forms & Agreements.


Please see our section on Fundraising for information on how you can help through donations of many kinds other than money.  Please also see our Volunteer Application Form in the Forms & Agreements section.  We do depend heavily on donations of money, supplies, and time.  We are a small organization run by a handful of volunteers and cannot do large fundraisers.  


We are a Registered Charity and give tax receipts for donations of cash or cheques.  For your convenience in mailing, there are donation forms in the Forms & Agreements section.  Please consider making a Basic Donation, a Sponsoring Donation, a Memorial Donation or a Gift Donation:

  • A Basic Donation is just that – a one time donation sent to us and we will mail you a tax receipt.

  • A Sponsor Donation is where you select a cat (from Cats in Care, Cats Needing Trust-Building, or Cats for Adoption) and donate for their food ($30/month) or all their basic maintenance needs ($50/month).  This can be for one month or ongoing.  A sponsor can also donate for a cat’s medical needs which vary and are more substantial (contact us).  If a sponsor donation is a gift for a friend or a memorial, see the information below.

  • A Memorial Donation is a considerate way to show love and respect for a special pet who has passed away - either your own or that of a friend.  A Memorial Donation can also, of course, be given in memory of a person who has passed away.  They will receive a page printed by us with a photo of a cat being helped by the donation – or, if preferred, a photo of their cat which you email to us.  (Also, if desired, a photo of the cat in memory can be added to our “In Memory Of” section.)

  • A Gift Donation is a generous way to donate in the name of a friend who is celebrating a birthday or special holiday.  Especially for cat lovers, this is a very considerate way to give a gift of love rather than more “stuff”.  People appreciate the gesture of helping rescued kitties in their name!  We will send them an 8-1/2 x 11 page with the photo and name of a cat being helped by your donation given in your friend’s name.  

  • Planned Giving is another way to fulfill your own charitable objectives and ensure that your support of our cat rescue work will continue into the future. Planned gifts include bequests through your will, gifts of life insurance, charitable trusts, and retirement plans.  These gifts can be made in cash, stocks, bonds, personal property, life insurance, and real estate.  Please contact your estate planning attorney for more information.


Provincial employees can donate to us through the PECSF list! Our number is DC1499. You can also donate to use through United Way!


If you cannot donate money, refundable recycles, consignment items or items we can sell on – please keep in mind that we always need donations of towels, flannel sheets, carriers, kennels, litter, cat food, catnip, and new scratching posts or new cat toys.  We also need your leftover wool/yarn for our handmade catnip mice. 


If you have only time to donate, that is always appreciated.  Please call Linda at 778-426-2426 to schedule a time to visit cats. Please see our Volunteer Application Form.