Beanie is diabetic and we are in the process of getting a stable dose of insulin for him.  He has gone from 1 unit twice a day to just over 1.5 units twice a day.  He is on DM food and doing well.  We need to continue to test him and find a dose where he can have his numbers in the normal zone.  This is a slow process and when this is complete he will need a great home where they are very experienced with diabetic cats.  In the past he was with one other cat – a female.  Here he is not around other cats. He is a very mellow guy and can be picked up but is not fond of it.  He is not a lap cat.  However, he is a very friendly and laidback buy who likes petting and brushing.  At the vet he was very stressed and not easy to handle – as he probably had not had many changes in his life.  We hope sometime this summer he will be ready for a great home.  He is a neutered male probably around 8 to 10 but not sure.  We love Beanie and hope he later gets the home he dreams of and deserves. He had a great home in the past, but unfortunately due to his owner’s own medical condition he was unable to provide the care needed and wants Beanie to have a good life. 

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Mary Lou

Mary Lou is a spayed female about 10. She can co-exist with other cats if they stay far away from her and don't bother her. She has never been around a dog. Once she knows someone she loves petting but hates being picked up and is not a lap cat. Mary Lou has some medical issues that will shorten her life. She has kidney disease and is on Semintra which she will take when mixed with "Delectables". She is hyperthyroid and takes a pill twice a day which is cut in half and wrapped in Pill Wrap (similar to pill pockets) and then covered with "Delectables". She also has Corona Virus which means she has chronic diarrhea - not terrible but not pleasant. She is not fond of her kidney diet and likes other tasty cat foods. She can tend to get dehydrated and could use some subcutaneous fluids but does not like this. I will probably take her to the vet for this soon. She is a sweet girl and has a life that appears normal but all of these problems and medications will eventually bring about some things to deal with as time goes by. She is at my place in a room with BB, a semi-feral black cat with a respiratory condition. BB tried to be friends with Mary Lou and Mary Lou rejected her so now they live congenially but in different corners and Mary Lou prefers no cat near her. She does love petting and purrs and enjoys it. Does she have a chance at a home? I had given up, but maybe there is a miracle for her.


Tofu aka Tofy

Tofu is a senior on kidney and thyroid medication.  He is a super sweet and gentle cat with a nice personality. He needs subcutaneous fluids every few days. He needs to be an only cat. If other cats are near he gets an allergic reaction of a rash on his forehead! No other pets. He must be 100% indoors and not on patio. We would like a very quiet foster home - senior perhaps - in Sidney or Saanichton area so I could do the subQ fluids and he is near us and our vet. He is doing well currently!  He is on renal food and takes medication in the food.  He is good with his litter box which needs to be scooped at least twice a day.  Email Linda at for more info.






Torri is a lovely torbie (tabby-tortie combination) girl who hopes there is a quiet and caring person she can learn to trust and who will have the patience to give her a home of her own forever.  She is a healthy spayed female.

Torri may be around 8 but we can't be sure.  She gets along with nondominant cats after she gets to know them.  Torri was very shy at first and hid a lot when we first got her.  Even with coaxing she was not comfortable with people approaching.  We gave her time and space to feel safe.   Gradually Torri allowed gentle petting but she would wince a bit and then run even with gentle approaches.  She would usually disappear as people came near.

With patience Torri has become very trusting of the other cats and is not hiding.   With people she knows she is much less fearful now and allows light petting and only runs from people she doesn't know or if she is startled.    

We feel that in her very own totally 100% indoors (no patio time, screens on windows, etc.) foster or adoptive home, either as an only cat or with a very mellow nondominant cat who likes other cats, she will flourish with patience.  It will be very rewarding to watch a wonderful kitty like Torri evolve with love and time in a quiet home with a person who understands her need to move slowly.   She is not a cuddly lap cat but would be a friendly companion for someone, even if they are gone to work during the day.  We feel she needs patience to develop a trusting relationship. 



Archie became a stray after his owner died. He came to us with broken toes and was somewhat in bad condition due to being attacked by other cats. He is FIV positive now after a rough time outside. He is an adult neutered mail and we can only guess at his age at maybe 8 or 9?

It took awhile for Archie to heal and he also had a skin condition that is now under good control with proper food. He is a sweet cat who gets along with other cats but can be dominant and pushy with some. Archie is fine with people he knows but with new people he is not only super shy but can be very very scared. Archie needs a home with an extreme amount of patience as he does not like change at all. After all he has been through and the time he has been here recuperating (fine now though!) he thinks of this as his home and has panicked when meeting new people. With patience he could be a very nice companion.

Archie must be 100% indoors (secure screens in windows and no patio time) as he would be an escape risk due to being easily scared of new circumstances. An apartment or condo with door to a hallway (not outside) and enclosed sunroom would be best for him.

With his FIV positive status he is healthy now. We cannot predict the future but hope he has many years ahead without health issues.