Maddie is a kitty who came to us last spring when her mom passed away.  Maddie is an approximately 10-year-old spayed female who was declawed many years ago. She is congenial with a mild feisty side.  She is a sweet senior who appears to be very healthy.  She is having dental work done on Aug. 26, 2019, to be ready to look for a permanent home.  She is currently in a very good foster home.  She can be dominant around other cats and does not like them to come near her.  She can tolerate another cat if they keep a safe distance.  She would love to have a home with a quiet person and when comfy she is a lap cat. 

Maverick Maddie.jpg


Beanie is diabetic and we are in the process of getting a stable dose of insulin for him.  He has gone from 1 unit twice a day to just over 1.5 units twice a day.  He is on DM food and doing well.  We need to continue to test him and find a dose where he can have his numbers in the normal zone.  This is a slow process and when this is complete he will need a great home where they are very experienced with diabetic cats.  In the past he was with one other cat – a female.  Here he is not around other cats. He is a very mellow guy and can be picked up but is not fond of it.  He is not a lap cat.  However, he is a very friendly and laidback buy who likes petting and brushing.  At the vet he was very stressed and not easy to handle – as he probably had not had many changes in his life.  We hope sometime this summer he will be ready for a great home.  He is a neutered male probably around 8 to 10 but not sure.  We love Beanie and hope he later gets the home he dreams of and deserves. He had a great home in the past, but unfortunately due to his owner’s own medical condition he was unable to provide the care needed and wants Beanie to have a good life. 

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Tofu aka Tofy

Tofu is a senior on kidney and thyroid medication.  He is a super sweet and gentle cat with a nice personality. He needs subcutaneous fluids every few days. He needs to be an only cat. If other cats are near he gets an allergic reaction of a rash on his forehead! No other pets. He must be 100% indoors and not on patio. We would like a very quiet foster home - senior perhaps - in Sidney or Saanichton area so I could do the subQ fluids and he is near us and our vet. He is doing well currently!  He is on renal food and takes medication in the food.  He is good with his litter box which needs to be scooped at least twice a day.  Email Linda at for more info.