Xena the "Warrior Princess" Calico Tabby

This loyal indoor cat needs a kid-free, quiet home with a patient caregiver.  Xena can be a very loving, affectionate, and cuddly four legged friend; however, she needs someone who will let her take her time to get to know them. She is very protective and wary of strangers which can translate to an unfriendly demeanour.  She needs a new home as she is too territorial of her space with a toddler son in the family.  After almost two years of patience, she still will not let him interact with her and will not tolerate any physical contact with him.  This is a difficult situation.

Xena is almost nine years old, has all her immunizations, has all her teeth in good condition, has been spayed, loves ice cold water and eats dry food.  Her current family loves her very much and she is incredibly affectionate when nobody else is around.  She loves having her face, neck and back rubbed and often purrs so loud they think the neighbours can feel the vibrations.  Unfortunately, because she can’t/won’t get along with their son, they don’t feel it is safe having them in close proximity all the time.  They also feel it isn’t fair to her that she to be confined to whatever room their son isn’t in.

This is a courtesy post.  Please contact Linda at catadopt@shaw.ca re contact information.




Cowboy is an adult male who lost his home when a baby was about to arrive.  He had become feisty and bit the dad and it seemed too risky to the couple to keep him so they had to make the tough decision to surrender.  Cowboy does not do well with other male cats so he was not a good candidate for the SPCA.  

Cowboy is a gorgeous polydactyl kitty and has 7 toes on his big front feet which look like huge mittens.  He is not fond of people and likes only minimal interaction.  If treats are involved he can be petted for a few seconds at most.   He is very expressive and when a nap is interrupted he can look like Grumpy Cat.  

Cowboy is healthy and has no medical issues.  It would be good if he got a bit of exercise as he is a teensy bit chubby.  He is a quiet cat who likes to nap a lot.

Cowboy needs a home with great patience since much trust-building is needed and he will always be an independent type.  He is available for a foster or adoptive home, but we would require that the potential adopter come to visit him several times first to get to know him and be sure they are able to deal with this type of cat.  He is capable of biting so can only be around mature adults who understand that he needs to be given space.  We must keep in mind he was surrendered due to being capable of striking out and not considered safe to be around children.  

He would be best as an only-cat or with one female cat as he seems to get along with nondominant females who he ignores but at least has no problem with them.  He needs a 100% indoors home with no assess to the outside as he would be an escape risk.  

He is a great cat for someone who loves cats but does notneed a cuddly cat.  He is an interesting fellow who is happy with lots of quality alone time.  He would be a great "roommate" for someone who is gone to work during the day.  Over time he could be a great companion for the right person.





Rexy is a lovely middle-aged feral neutered male.  He is used to the comfy indoor life and has become mostly domestic but nervous around most people.  He can be petted with treats in hand and can sometime be brushed.  He panics quite easily and can revert to more feral behavior if startled.  

Rexy gets along with female nondominant cats but is very dominant around some males.  With smaller, older or nondominant males he will basically get on top of them and hold them down by the neck.  However, with a large nondominant male he lets them be the boss and gets along okay.

Rexy is a handsome guy but not a cuddler at all.  He needs patience as he is easily frightened.  He has long hair and does get hairballs fairly often but currently has no health issues.  We have had dental surgery for him and in the future he will need to have exams and probably have his teeth cleaned as he may need more teeth extracted in the future.

Rexy needs a 100% indoors home with no access to the outside - meaning screens in windows and no time on an outdoor patio.  He will be best where the main door goes to a hallway, such as in an apartment or condo, and where there is an enclosed sunroom.  A patio would be bad as he can easily panic and could jump or fall off - as we know has happened to many cats of this type when scared.  

If someone is interested in Rexy we would be delighted but after screening and home check we would need to have them come spend time with him on several occasions to get to know him.  He is a very independent cat and definitely not a lap cat.  He does like to be around another cat.  If you have a nondominant female who is alone while you are at work, Rexy could be a good roommate for her - but probably will not directly interact with the other cat other than following them and sniffing them.





Torri is a lovely torbie (tabby-tortie combination) girl who hopes there is a quiet and caring person she can learn to trust and who will have the patience to give her a home of her own forever.  She is a healthy spayed female.

Torri may be around 8 but we can't be sure.  She gets along with nondominant cats after she gets to know them.  Torri was very shy at first and hid a lot when we first got her.  Even with coaxing she was not comfortable with people approaching.  We gave her time and space to feel safe.   Gradually Torri allowed gentle petting but she would wince a bit and then run even with gentle approaches.  She would usually disappear as people came near.

With patience Torri has become very trusting of the other cats and is not hiding.   With people she knows she is much less fearful now and allows light petting and only runs from people she doesn't know or if she is startled.    

We feel that in her very own totally 100% indoors (no patio time, screens on windows, etc.) foster or adoptive home, either as an only cat or with a very mellow nondominant cat who likes other cats, she will flourish with patience.  It will be very rewarding to watch a wonderful kitty like Torri evolve with love and time in a quiet home with a person who understands her need to move slowly.   She is not a cuddly lap cat but would be a friendly companion for someone, even if they are gone to work during the day.  We feel she needs patience to develop a trusting relationship. 




Archie became a stray after his owner died. He came to us with broken toes and was somewhat in bad condition due to being attacked by other cats. He is FIV positive now after a rough time outside. He is an adult neutered mail and we can only guess at his age at maybe 8 or 9?

It took awhile for Archie to heal and he also had a skin condition that is now under good control with proper food. He is a sweet cat who gets along with other cats but can be dominant and pushy with some. Archie is fine with people he knows but with new people he is not only super shy but can be very very scared. Archie needs a home with an extreme amount of patience as he does not like change at all. After all he has been through and the time he has been here recuperating (fine now though!) he thinks of this as his home and has panicked when meeting new people. With patience he could be a very nice companion.

Archie must be 100% indoors (secure screens in windows and no patio time) as he would be an escape risk due to being easily scared of new circumstances. An apartment or condo with door to a hallway (not outside) and enclosed sunroom would be best for him.

With his FIV positive status he is healthy now. We cannot predict the future but hope he has many years ahead without health issues.


Amelie & Lily

Amelie & Lily


Amelie – Mother, 6 years old

Lily – Daughter, 5 years old


Their Story


Where they came from…

 Amelie lived on the streets for a good part of her first year of life. She had a litter of 4 and moved them around a neighbourhood in Esquimalt to keep them safe for a few weeks when finally a human found them in her garage and made a call to have them rescued. Amelie and the kittens were cared for by Linda and her team at Helping Homeless Cats. The kittens were separated from their mom in order to help them to become more adoptable (as they had varying degrees of a feral nature).

 Amelie and one of her children, Lily, were reunited after about 6 months of being apart and they bonded immediately.

Their natures…

 Amelie is a very shy and a little skittish. She likes to observe and get to know you and will likely never approach you. This doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t crave cuddles. When she is in her comfortable place on her scratch board and you approach her with her comb she becomes very open to your loving touch and petting. She actually really likes to have her ears gently pulled! Last year Amelie ended up with a serious dental issue and all of her teeth had to be removed. She now has the freshest breath and is very happy – and she still is able to eat her favourite dry food! She is very playful, especially at night when the humans have gone to sleep – we know this because we find her favourite mouse toy in the most unusual places each morning.

 Lily is very shy and will hide from view initially … but once she warms up to her human friends she is incredibly loveable and craves cuddles - she becomes completely submissive and like jelly in your hands. She will approach you and jump up on the bed or the sofa to keep you warm and happy with her purring. We think she should have been called Scout because she always likes to be the first to see what’s going on. She loves playing with ping pong balls, and the laser light!

 It’s best to ignore them initially until they’ve had time to listen to your voices and smell your scent… And when their human friends are seated either at the table, or perhaps watching TV, they will emerge from their hiding places and come to check you out – tentatively at first and then with more and more confidence.

 The girls have never shown any aggressive tendencies towards each other or humans. They are very loving towards each other (with the occasional family spat!)

Special Care…

 They very rarely eat treats and need to stick to their special diet from the vet. They live indoors and are comfortable there – never seeking to escape into the outdoors. They like to watch the birds and smell the fresh air through the screened window.


Buddy Junior

Buddy Junior


Buddy Junior

Buddy is under 5 and is an affectionate and very friendly kitty. He is very healthy and is a very sturdy boy. He is playful and cuddly. His only problem is that he tested FIV positive which has slowed down his ability to find a great home. However, this will probably have no effect on his health or longevity! He is a nondominant cat and will get along with other nondominant cats. Buddy needs an extremely secure indoor home with NO access to the outside (not even a patio). He is very smart and engineered an escape through a 4” x 7” hole (after dismantling a portable air conditioner vent) and jumped on a roof here. He did come back the same night, but if loose in the city it would be very dangerous for him as he was an outdoor country cat stray for his early years. We are looking for the perfect home for Buddy. He is a very special boy and very sensitive. He likes direct eye contact and wants to trust people. He will be a lovely best friend for the right person or couple. Although he would get along with children, he can have a feisty playful side where he could take a nip at a hand – and also could escape if a door wasn’t closed instantly – so we are seeking a home with no kids.





About Madeline

Maddie is a great cat and super affectionate. However, she is currently on three meds for a vomiting problem, one med for thyroid, and has a hernia which is very unusual as her entire bladder is in the hernia! She is under vet care and her problems are under control and she is stable.

She does not do well with other female cats and even if she senses them outside her door she will occasionally pee on something to mark the area. We still have hopes that with a home of her own with no other cats – and kept on her meds – she could be a great cat for a kind and caring person.


Diva Marie

Diva Marie


About Diva Marie

Diva Marie is a beautiful big girl! She is absolutely lovely and adorable. She was adopted as a kitten from another rescue. In one-and-a-half years Diva developed a problem and the rescue was not able to take her back. The family could not solve the problem, so we took her in.

Diva behaves perfectly and gets along with other cats over time. She is affectionate and also confident. She loves food and must be monitored to not have too much as she could gain a lot of weight easily.

She uses the litter box perfectly for peeing. However, she will not poop in a litter box full of litter. We have been working with this problem. We had her trained to use an empty box that had a shiny placemat inside which she seemed to relate to very well and used consistently. Then when she was changed to a different room the problem came back. Now she pretty consistently poops and buries it in a towel! This is not something most people can relate to and accept.



Update December 2016

Diva Marie is much happier now that there are no females in her room.  She is a lovely BIG girl and would love a home of her own.  Unfortunately, her litter box issue continues.... she does pee in her box BUT otherwise goes outside of the box.... usually in a stack of paper towels next to her box in her overnight pen.  Sigh.  Luckily she has a kind sponsor who donates for her food as she waits for a miracle.  On her own in a home she would be a lovely companion, but there are no guarantees her litter behavior would change.  We do know she would not pee outside her box and is very good about that.



Diva Marie has now been here over two years.  Her litter box issue (peeing in litter box and pooping outside litter box) was better for awhile when she used an empty litter box regularly.  When we put another female (little Marcie) in her room Diva became jealous and went back to her old behaviour.  She was fine around Marcie but was not fine with the box.  Marcie just went to a senior foster home, so we hope Diva Marie will improve.  She had been doing really well before Marcie’s arrival.  Diva Marie is a fabulous cat – just this one frustrating issue....



Diva Marie is a sweetheart. She is very congenial and friendly. She gets along with other cats. She needs an indoors-only home. However, she has a weight issue and needs some good play time and a restricted diet. Her litter box problem mentioned below is not 100% solved, but might be in a permanent and stable home. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She is almost a Maine Coon-like cat. She is very congenial and even-tempered and likes new people.



Diva Marie has made GREAT PROGRESS! She continues to be very good about peeing in a regular litter box and she now poops in an empty litter box very consistently! This can be conveniently emptied into a toilet and quickly flushed away. We hope this makes her more adoptable. However, in a new home this would be a trial. She gets along well with the two senior males she shares a room with. She is a very well-adjusted and congenial kitty who can be very affectionate at times. She is easy to pick up. She is a big girl and very beautiful!