Xena has been adopted!

Xena the "Warrior Princess" Calico Tabby

This loyal indoor cat needs a kid-free, quiet home with a patient caregiver.  Xena can be a very loving, affectionate, and cuddly four legged friend; however, she needs someone who will let her take her time to get to know them. She is very protective and wary of strangers which can translate to an unfriendly demeanour.  She needs a new home as she is too territorial of her space with a toddler son in the family.  After almost two years of patience, she still will not let him interact with her and will not tolerate any physical contact with him.  This is a difficult situation.

Xena is almost nine years old, has all her immunizations, has all her teeth in good condition, has been spayed, loves ice cold water and eats dry food.  Her current family loves her very much and she is incredibly affectionate when nobody else is around.  She loves having her face, neck and back rubbed and often purrs so loud they think the neighbours can feel the vibrations.  Unfortunately, because she can’t/won’t get along with their son, they don’t feel it is safe having them in close proximity all the time.  They also feel it isn’t fair to her that she to be confined to whatever room their son isn’t in.

This is a courtesy post.  Please contact Linda at catadopt@shaw.ca re contact information.