About Honey

November 2018 update: Honey had an ultrasound after she had become ill. It showed she had extensive cancer that could not be cured. It was sad to say goodbye to her as she had been in our senior program for 11 years with her foster mom who just turned 99. Honey was a wonderful and beautiful kitty and we miss her very much.

Honey is in a Permanent Senior Foster home and is doing exceptionally well. She loves her mom and spends all of her time by her side. Honey is a very smart cat and does amazing things every day! Honey is a very sweet and beautitful girl who has her "mom" very well trained. Honey, of course, is royalty!

June 2018 update

Honey has now been with her foster mom (now almost 99 years old) for over 10 years! Her mom adores her and Honey adores her mom. Her mom swears Honey is the smartest cat who ever lived and she has lots of proof. Honey is an amazing kitty and looks younger than her teenage years. She recently gave us a scar with not eating, but after testing and X-rays was found to be okay and bounced back the next day. She just wanted to keep us on our toes. She does need eye ointment now and then when her eyes are inflamed but they improve quickly. She and her mom have a daily routine and are super happy. When I go to cut her nails she hides in obvious places and then resigns herself to the task. Honey’s mom is able to donate for her needs which is a huge help. We simply provide support and are a back-up for when Honey’s mom is gone for a rare day or two. We hope both Honey and her mom have many more good times ahead!