Morrie was a really charming old gentleman who we were lucky enough to have for a couple of years at the end of his life.  He was deaf but that didn’t stop him from socializing and having a great life.  He greeted everyone at the front door and was very fond of all people.  Morrie had thyroid and kidney issues.  He also had some neurologic problems and saw a specialist in Vancouver.  As I recall he had a couple of pellets lodged in his head!  Morrie had a temporary foster home but peed on a bed and was back here where he never did it.  He just wanted to stay here so he did and we gave him his meds and subcutaneous fluids.  We were so sad when his time ran out.  We love to rescue the old kitties and at least we can make sure that their final months are comfortable and happy.

Morrie and the catnip.jpg