2017 update:

Pandy had several years with us here at the rescue.  He was FIV positive, hyperthyroid, and at the end of his life had kidney disease.  He was comfortable and liked his life here but was most comfortable with his feline friends who he loved.  He did well for a long time and then his kidneys rapidly worsened so he did not have a prolonged illness.  We adored Pandy and so did his kitty friends.  He had scars on his forehead from the attack years ago which must have been quite terrifying.  He did enjoy brief times of human company if treats were involved.  We will always remember Pandy with much fondness.

Bio in December 2011:

My name is Pandy Bear.  I like the name because someday when I’m feeling better I think people will want to hug a Pandy Bear!

I was living out in Sooke in a nice new house and life was good.  Then suddenly I found myself abandoned and left to fend for myself.  I don’t mind telling you I was terrified!     I roamed from house to house in search of food and it’s too humiliating to even tell you how badly I was treated by people who didn’t want me around.  Then I searched the rocky construction area behind the houses but found nothing but trouble.  I got into a few scrapes with unneutered ferals (which later led to an FIV positive diagnosis!).

Finally I stooped to the low level of raiding garbage cans and I hope I will never ever have to do that again!  I lived like this for the whole summer…

One night this fall, unfortunately for me, some starving raccoons were attempting to find food in the same garbage cans and to get rid of me they launched a brutal attack.  My forehead was cut open and I sustained many gashes to my whole body.  I limped away, not knowing if I would live or die.

When the raccoons were gone I made a valiant attempt to sneak into another garbage can.  All I could find was a moldy piece of rye bread but at least it was food.  That’s when the miracle occurred!  A nice couple in the house heard me and came out to investigate.  I cowered in fear, but they disappeared and then returned with a big bowl of kibble – real cat food!  They stepped back so that I could eat in peace. 

I returned every night at midnight and found food there!  However, my head wounds were getting infected, my right eye was closing up, I was covered with lice, and I felt awful.  When the people got close enough to see my condition they emailed some cat rescues.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and the Helping Homeless Cats lady came out to Sooke (with her friend from Broken Promises rescue) and they brought a trap to try to get me.  I avoided it until they were gone but it was really loaded with great stuff, including sardines, and I went inside.  Wham!  The trap came down and I was really scared. The couple came out to put towels over me and reassure me things would be fine.

At midnight they got the call that I was trapped and they came back up the foggy road to Sooke to get me and the next morning Helping Homeless Cats took me to their kitty doctor for emergency treatment.  They cleaned the big cuts on my face and the vet sneaked in something called neutering!  The huge lice covering my body even jumped on the vet tech – sorry about that but those lice were uninvited guests.  It was no picnic that day, but compared to what I’d been through it wasn’t  much worse…At least it was warm and dry.  (Some bad news is that my teeth are a wreck from eating all that garbage and later I will need a lot of them removed, but first I must build up my health and strength.)

I am very stressed and not sure whether to trust humans but I am trying very hard.  I have a roommate named Archie who is FIV positive.  We also had a roommate named Rudy but he passed away.  We were great friends so it was quite a loss. 

I am letting people touch me if they have treats, but I am much more comfortable when they leave and let me relax with Archie.  I hope they let me stay here as I feel safe. 

Pandy close-up.jpg