Clancy is in a senior foster home.  He still needs surgeries in May for his eyes and teeth.

Clancy is a very affectionate and sweet fellow (except when getting his eye drops).  He is very loving and he is very happy to have a “mom” who gives him all the cuddling he needs.  We hope to get all of his conditions taken care of in May so he will be pain-free for the first time in many years. 


Oliver is a big soft kitty who loves his life with an older senior in our Long Term Senior Foster Program.  Oliver’s “mom” had a stroke a few years ago.  Oliver has been a wonderful companion for her.  He is happy and healthy and they have been together for a few years.  When we first got Oliver he had been peeing in inappropriate places in a busy household.  In the quiet home of this lovely senior and her homecare worker Oliver has flourished and has been a very good kitty.  This is the perfect match for Oliver and for his mom.  We hope they have many more years together ahead.

Update on Oliver  June 20, 2018

Oliver’s foster mom went into a nursing home. Oliver is now in a wonderful new foster home in a senior independent living building.  He immediately adjusted to his new home and new mom and is having a wonderful time.  There are many visitors and he interacts with all of them and is very friendly.  Oliver is a rare kitty who is a people-lover and always congenial.  Although he is almost larger than his mom, he does sit in her lap.  Oliver’s foster mom is able to donate for his food which is very helpful.


Emily posing.jpg

Emily's story.

June 2018 update

Emily is a wonderful girl. She is one of our few who has never needed vet care after intake.  She is a healthy kitty and is doing well with maintaining her weight loss.  The reduction in weight made her more energetic and put bounce in her step.... unfortunately, this including bouncing up onto the counters!!  Her foster mom and dad have control of this new problem, however, it is hard for them to be major disciplinarians with such a sweet little lady.  She continues to be the queen of the condo and to make sure daily life revolves around Emily!  Emily’s mom and dad have made donations for her food which has been very helpful. 

2017 update: 

Emily (old intake bio below) has now been in our Long Term Senior Foster Program with a wonderful senior couple for a few years!  She is doing really well and has a great life.  Our senior program provides a permanent home for Emily and she is happy and healthy.  She is treated like royalty and runs the household. We are very happy that she found the home she deserves.

I’m Emily, the kitty who “loves too much”!  I love to kiss on first meeting, so no cold fish need apply.  I will be all over you, wanting your love and affection.  Sure I can wait for someone to come home from work, as I do need to rest up for the intense cuddling later that night…  I do enjoy my quality alone time too while you are out of the home.  When you are home I want to be near you and if you are in a separate room I will meow at the door until you join me.

I’m beautiful, I’m charming, I’m healthy, I’m about a year and a half old, spayed, and I’m looking for LOVE from the lucky person with whom I shall grace my presence forever and ever.   I’m very self-assured and congenial and love all people.

I want to live indoors only.  I love kids but probably need an adult household unless the kids are old enough and mature enough to know they must keep me inside.  I like the clean and quiet life indoors and want to forget my wild past up in Campbell River where I was abandoned and living under a porch – oh, how I shudder to think of those times.  

Considering how much love I require and can give, I refuse to share you with another pet – so I absolutely insist on being an only cat so I can get all your attention.  If there are other cats I will devote my time to disciplining them (sometimes not very gently)  and it is very exhausting for all involved.  It must be just me, me, me.

One important note about my personality.  I AM A TALKER !  I have a high-pitched Siamese type voice and will try to get your attention by chatting.  I can be quiet too, but communication is important to me.  Let’s have a chat!

Skipper aka Biggles.


About Skipper aka Biggles


Hi, I'm Skipper. I am glad to be at the rescue and love being indoors where it is cozy and safe since the outdoors does have many dangers. I developed a very bad ear condition that got worse and worse. I now have a large mass in my left ear that is painful, infected, and very messy. I try to keep my ear clean by washing it often but it is very difficult.

I came to the rescue and they immediately took me to the vet. I had a full exam, blood tests, FIV test (negative), flea treatment, and deworming. I had an antibiotic shot for the infection in my ear. Next week I will be sedated so they can look into the ear and maybe the mass will be removed.

I don't like talking about myself, but I have heard people around me saying that I am a very sweet guy. They refer to me as a 10-year-old neutered male. I really like all people. I have a gentle personality and I am very good-natured. However, this painful ear can make me a bit testy if someone touches that ear.

Right now Helping Homeless Cat is seeking donations for my surgery. Please see our donation section to donate by Internet or by cheque.

After my ear is repaired and I have recovered I will be looking for a home. I think a Long Term Senior Foster Home would be a dream come true for me. However, I could also be adopted by a person or family who would be able to handle any future vet bills since I am a senior. Even though my health is good (other than my major ear problem), in the coming years I will reach an age when most of us require some vet care. I'm not sure yet what future care my ear may require.

I am napping a lot now. Having this kind of infection is making me tired. The rescue is posting updates about me on Facebook. I wish I didn't have this condition and I'm sorry to have to ask for help, but sometimes in life we all need to do that... Thank you, everyone for listening.



Update on Biggles June 2018

Biggles has now enjoyed well over a year with his new foster mom and they are immensely happy together! He is a very calm guy and likes to nap a lot.  We think he is now around 16.  He is on kidney and thyroid medication and takes these easily in his food.  We have a visit from him now and then when his foster mom, who is in her 90’s, goes to visit family for a few days.  Biggles is a beautiful and sweet kitty, looking younger than his years.  His foster mom is able to donate towards his care which is very helpful.


July 2017 update

Biggles is welcoming visitors to his senior foster home – family members who are coming temporarily due to the fires in their home areas.  Biggles is getting even more attention than usual!  He is feeling so well now that he is acting like a kitten – although we know he is an older senior.  We are so happy for him.  We hope his mom’s family can soon hear good news from their home and return.


May 2017 update

Sadly, Biggles’ senior foster mom passed away.  Earlier this year he was temporarily with another senior foster mom and when the news came that he could not go back to his earlier home his new foster mom had fallen in love with him and kept him.  He is having a wonderful time with her.  He is so congenial!  He loves everyone.  He enjoys the many visits from her family too.


2016 update

Biggles’ ear situation worsened and he had major surgery in his other ear, the same as he had before.  His ear problems are now over!  He had another great year with his mom and has a great life.


2015 update

“Biggles” has had more vet care for his ear conditions but has no other health issues.  He has been enjoying the constant attention of his senior foster mom and sits in her lap and sometimes nudges her out and takes over the chair!  He is a sweetheart and she enjoys his company very much.


2014 update

Skipper has been renamed Biggles!  He has a fabulous senior foster home with a lovely woman from England.  He is her constant companion and takes walks down the hallway with her.  He now has the wonderful like he deserves where he is treated like a king!


October 2013 update

Skipper is now renamed Biggles and is in a fabulous Senior Foster Home. He is settling in nicely and very comfortable.  He loves people and this is an ideal home for our special boy!  He will continue to be checked at his vet so that the condition of his ears can be kept under control.


August 2013 update

Skipper has had two ear surgeries and is doing MUCH better! He is recovering nicely. He will require follow-up vet visits and perhaps more procedures in the future if the mass grows back. We would love to place Skipper in a long-term loving senior foster home where we can monitor him and provide any needed vet care in the future. He is very affectionate and cuddly but does not like other cats. He needs to be indoors-only.





About Honey

Honey is in a Permanent Senior Foster home and is doing exceptionally well. She loves her mom and spends all of her time by her side. Honey is a very smart cat and does amazing things every day! Honey is a very sweet and beautitful girl who has her "mom" very well trained. Honey, of course, is royalty!

June 2018 update

Honey has now been with her foster mom (now almost 99 years old) for over 10 years! Her mom adores her and Honey adores her mom. Her mom swears Honey is the smartest cat who ever lived and she has lots of proof. Honey is an amazing kitty and looks younger than her teenage years. She recently gave us a scar with not eating, but after testing and X-rays was found to be okay and bounced back the next day. She just wanted to keep us on our toes. She does need eye ointment now and then when her eyes are inflamed but they improve quickly. She and her mom have a daily routine and are super happy. When I go to cut her nails she hides in obvious places and then resigns herself to the task. Honey’s mom is able to donate for her needs which is a huge help. We simply provide support and are a back-up for when Honey’s mom is gone for a rare day or two. We hope both Honey and her mom have many more good times ahead!




About Rooby

Rooby is a very healthy (confirmed on exam and blood tests) 17-year-old female who is looking for a home. She needs a home of her own because she is afraid of other cats. She was mostly outdoors over the years but now needs to retire to a safe 100% indoors home. Rooby is a super affectionate and friendly cat who would love to be someone’s full-time companion. She is a candidate for adoption or for our Long Term Senior Foster Program.



June 2018 update

Rooby continues to spend most of her life on her senior foster mom’s lap. She is a darling old girl, maybe 19 or 20 by now.  She does get dehydrated and we administer subcutaneous fluids.  She doesn’t like it but does put up with it.  She is doing well on  Semintra for her kidney condition and will usual eat her renal care diet but does like her Fancy Feast! 


Update July 2017

Rooby, now 18, is doing well on her kidney medication.  She loves her foster mom and spends a lot of time on her lap.  They will be moving together to an assisted living facility soon.


Update April 2016

Rooby is in a senior foster home and doing well, happy to have the lap of a lovely lady to sit in.


Mr. Mittens


About Mr. Mittens


Hi folks,

I was called Mr. Mittens by the family feeding me after I became homeless a couple of years ago. Before that my meals were from garbage cans and it was very humiliating to have to find food that way – and I must say “food” is hardly the definition of the stuff I was finding that was even somewhat edible. Anyway, those days are behind me and I’ve been assured I will never be homeless again.

I am around 6 and strikingly handsome, if I do say so myself. My face has great character and I am big and strong and muscular. I’m wearing what they call a “grey tuxedo” and my fur is becoming velvety after a couple of years of being more in the “old theater carpet” category… I am neutered, had a vet exam, and was dewormed and flea treated on intake at the rescue. I am now the new kid at the orphanage.

I was surviving okay but felt miserable a lot of the time because I had SO many flea bites and an allergic reaction to them AND I had an ulcer in my mouth. I received shots for both of these conditions and I healed very quickly. Oh, yes, I am FIV negative too!

I am very, very affectionate and demand petting and lots of attention. However, I get so very excited that I haven’t been able to stop myself from sometimes biting. Do you understand a cat like me and know how to communicate with me? I would like to improve my behavior so I can get a good home with a good person and I don’t really mean to hurt anyone!

Because I come across as dominant, I am not yet out of my pen and in with the other guys. I don’t like being in “jail”, yet I’m not to sure I want to intermingle with those other cats here. That is why it is very important for me to get a foster home of my own and, ideally, a permanent home of my own. I might need to be an only cat – but I have enough love that I’m all you will ever need.

I need an indoors home where I will now be safe and warm and need not be “on guard” anymore. It was stressful being outside and fending off dangers on a daily basis. I am probably lucky to be alive! Can you help me??



June 2018 update

Mr. Mittens continues to have a stable and secure life in his foster home with people who love him. He still loves to put his head on people’s feet.  He is stable on his thyroid medication and still takes Prednisone every few days for his skin condition.  We had a scare last year when he ingested a bit of dried flowers from a bouquet, but he recovered quickly.  “Mitty” is a great kitty.  He is with adults who are not seniors but was placed in our program because over a long time no one chose him for adoption.  We found this amazing foster home where he has thrived.  Now that he is hyperthyroid and needs pill this is considered a “high needs long term foster home” where Mitty can trust that no changes are ahead in the near future.  His family is now able to donate towards his food and meds which is very helpful.

2017 update

Mr. Mittens is now on medication for hyperthyroidism.  He is stable and still enjoying his permanent foster home very much.


2016 update

Mr. Mittens is doing great.  He is on a reduced dose of the medication for his skin condition.


2015 update

Mr. Mittens continues to do well and is losing weight which is good.


2014 Update

Mr. Mittens has a great Long Term Foster Home.  He is on medication for a skin condition.  In this case he is not with a senior but due to his not finding an adoptive home over a long period and needing medication he is in a high-needs adult home.  Three roommates give him a lot of attention.  His favorite thing is to put his head on people’s feet!


Update March 2013

 Mr. Mittens desperately needs a quiet 100% indoors home. He gets along with NONdominant cats. He is very affectionate but not good with children as he can get revved up with play. He is a very sweet kitty!




About Gem


Gem is just over 4 years old, spayed, and very healthy. She is a beautiful girl who is very friendly but not necessarily a lap cat. She likes to follow her person around. She is a nice companion and likes to play. She does not like petting from the front but does respond to petting from the back which is true of many cats. Before her first adoption she was okay with other cats if they stayed out of her space. After a lot of time alone without other cats in all three homes, she is now used to being an only cat. She is dominant around other cats but after awhile is somewhat okay if they stay far from her. She is super cute and sweet and ideally needs a home of her own. She is a 100% totally indoors cat and needs a home with no access to the outside. She was born inside and has always been inside. We are hoping to find a new home soon before she must leave her current foster home so she doesn’t need even more changes. This beautiful little girl needs a patient and loving home very soon!



June 2018 update

Gem can be a wild and crazy girl. She has a senior foster mom who adores her and totally understands her quirks.  Gem can be very sweet and then have a surprising change of mood and her mom is aware of this and knows how to accommodate her and keep her calm.  They have a really great time together.  Her mom really admires her independent and interesting – and sometimes exciting! – personality.  We are so happy Gem is with a true soul mate.  Her mom is able to donate for her food and Gem has not needed vet care since intake which is wonderful. 

Update December 2016

Gem is enjoying her senior foster home. She enjoys a cardboard fortress.



Unfortunately Gem had to leave her very loving forever home after 2-1/2 years. She had a brief senior foster home that started out great but then she had a high jump leading to an accident and a “bite” to her foster mom and needed to come back to the rescue.


Gem has found a wonderful forever home! She is exploring the place and getting to know her new mom.


Diva Marie


June 2018 update

Diva Marie is a very lucky girl to have a foster mom who is an angel. Diva’s litter box behaviour reverted a bit to her previous nonuse for defecating... but her mom is totally on top of things with keeping things clean and sanitary. She says that one little thing is minor (others considered it major) compared to the love she shares with Diva Marie. Her mom had Tremain before this and he was an impossible to place cat. She is willing to take those that literally no one wants. So other than the 5 minutes a day for one little clean-up, the other 23 hours and 55 minutes they are in blissful harmony. We thought Diva would be here forever and restricted to her pen for a certain period every day. Now she has had this wonderful home for a year and they are both very happy and truly bonded. Diva Marie’s mom provides her food and Diva has not needed vet care so long as she stays on her fiber food.

About Diva Marie

Diva Marie is a beautiful big girl! She is absolutely lovely and adorable. She was adopted as a kitten from another rescue. In one-and-a-half years Diva developed a problem and the rescue was not able to take her back. The family could not solve the problem, so we took her in.

Diva behaves perfectly and gets along with other cats over time. She is affectionate and also confident. She loves food and must be monitored to not have too much as she could gain a lot of weight easily.

She uses the litter box perfectly for peeing. However, she will not poop in a litter box full of litter. We have been working with this problem. We had her trained to use an empty box that had a shiny placemat inside which she seemed to relate to very well and used consistently. Then when she was changed to a different room the problem came back. Now she pretty consistently poops and buries it in a towel! This is not something most people can relate to and accept.



August 2017 update

Diva Marie finally found her perfect match.  She is now in our Senior Foster Program and is doing very well.

Even her litter box “issue” has greatly improved now that she no longer needs to be around other cats.  She has a constant companion and someone to sleep with now!


Update December 2016

Diva Marie is much happier now that there are no females in her room.  She is a lovely BIG girl and would love a home of her own.  Unfortunately, her litter box issue continues.... she does pee in her box BUT otherwise goes outside of the box.... usually in a stack of paper towels next to her box in her overnight pen.  Sigh.  Luckily she has a kind sponsor who donates for her food as she waits for a miracle.  On her own in a home she would be a lovely companion, but there are no guarantees her litter behavior would change.  We do know she would not pee outside her box and is very good about that.



Diva Marie has now been here over two years.  Her litter box issue (peeing in litter box and pooping outside litter box) was better for awhile when she used an empty litter box regularly.  When we put another female (little Marcie) in her room Diva became jealous and went back to her old behaviour.  She was fine around Marcie but was not fine with the box.  Marcie just went to a senior foster home, so we hope Diva Marie will improve.  She had been doing really well before Marcie’s arrival.  Diva Marie is a fabulous cat – just this one frustrating issue....



Diva Marie is a sweetheart. She is very congenial and friendly. She gets along with other cats. She needs an indoors-only home. However, she has a weight issue and needs some good play time and a restricted diet. Her litter box problem mentioned below is not 100% solved, but might be in a permanent and stable home. She is a beautiful girl with a great personality. She is almost a Maine Coon-like cat. She is very congenial and even-tempered and likes new people.



Diva Marie has made GREAT PROGRESS! She continues to be very good about peeing in a regular litter box and she now poops in an empty litter box very consistently! This can be conveniently emptied into a toilet and quickly flushed away. We hope this makes her more adoptable. However, in a new home this would be a trial. She gets along well with the two senior males she shares a room with. She is a very well-adjusted and congenial kitty who can be very affectionate at times. She is easy to pick up. She is a big girl and very beautiful!