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Emily's story.

2017 update: 

Emily (old intake bio below) has now been in our Long Term Senior Foster Program with a wonderful senior couple for a few years!  She is doing really well and has a great life.  Our senior program provides a permanent home for Emily and she is happy and healthy.  She is treated like royalty and runs the household. We are very happy that she found the home she deserves.

I’m Emily, the kitty who “loves too much”!  I love to kiss on first meeting, so no cold fish need apply.  I will be all over you, wanting your love and affection.  Sure I can wait for someone to come home from work, as I do need to rest up for the intense cuddling later that night…  I do enjoy my quality alone time too while you are out of the home.  When you are home I want to be near you and if you are in a separate room I will meow at the door until you join me.

I’m beautiful, I’m charming, I’m healthy, I’m about a year and a half old, spayed, and I’m looking for LOVE from the lucky person with whom I shall grace my presence forever and ever.   I’m very self-assured and congenial and love all people.

I want to live indoors only.  I love kids but probably need an adult household unless the kids are old enough and mature enough to know they must keep me inside.  I like the clean and quiet life indoors and want to forget my wild past up in Campbell River where I was abandoned and living under a porch – oh, how I shudder to think of those times.  

Considering how much love I require and can give, I refuse to share you with another pet – so I absolutely insist on being an only cat so I can get all your attention.  If there are other cats I will devote my time to disciplining them (sometimes not very gently)  and it is very exhausting for all involved.  It must be just me, me, me.

One important note about my personality.  I AM A TALKER !  I have a high-pitched Siamese type voice and will try to get your attention by chatting.  I can be quiet too, but communication is important to me.  Let’s have a chat!