It was not a good day today as we finally had to put Rudy down.  We knew it was coming but there were many times when he defied the odds.  We had an X-ray today and he had lung cancer. 

He was a great kitty who had about three years here.   We used to bring him upstairs at the parties and he loved to have people hold him.  We didn’t bring him up last summer since had had recently had a seizure and we didn’t want him to get over-stimulated.  Pat, our 86-year-old volunteer cat cuddler, visited him four days a week and held him for 1-2  hours for at least the last two years. He did have a lot of good times here after a rough life. 

When we first got him he was covered in cobwebs of lice, was FIV positive, needed dental work, had a urine leak, developed kidney disease, had poor circulation and could not walk a lot.  He had a great disposition and with treatment a lot of his problems were solved or at least controlled.  He declined gradually and then suddenly became much worse with no hope of treatment so we had to allow him to leave us by going to sleep peacefully.


Rudy Oct 2014.jpg