About Francie

Francie came to us as a wild kitten from the CRD Pound. Now that she is a young adult nearing a year old she is showing a lot of interest in humans.

Francie loves other cats and will make a great companion for another cat. It would be wonderful if she could be fostered along with another cat from our Trust-Building section as she already has a relationship with these cats (many not on website yet).

Francie is really warming up to people. She has been one of the first of last year’s kittens to approach people. Many of our frequent visitors can now pet Francie a little. She has huge potential.

Francie is a slender and beautiful spayed tabby girl with white markings. She did have chronic upper respiratory illness as a kitten and still has a little cough that may remain with her for life. However, she appears to be very healthy! We would love for Francie to get her own foster home, either along with another of our cats or to be a companion to your congenial cat. When Francie progresses in fostering she will be available for adoption. “Foster to adopt” is a great option for Francie.



Update September 2015

Francie is still very feral.  She is an active cat who loves her indoors life.  Our senior volunteer spends time with her 3 times a week and Francie enjoys playing but not petting.  She and Paddler compete for attention.


Update February 2015

Francie continues to be active and do well. She still has her permanent upper respiratory problem.  She is in the room with Paddler and her other feral friends.  Francie loves the visits from Paddler’s sponsor and is allowing petting by her and one other person for the first time since coming a few years ago.  Francie is a lovely feral.  Francie is in need of a sponsor for her food ($30/month) or for all needs ($50/month) since she is a long-term resident staying in the rescue as a sanctuary home.