About Lucky

Lucky is an adult male who lost his home when the baby was about to arrive. He had become feisty and bit the dad and it seemed too risky to the couple to keep him. Lucky did not like other cats. His future looked grim…

Lucky is a gorgeous polydactyl kitty and has 7 toes on his big front feet which look like huge mittens. He is friendly once he knows someone and especially if treats are involved.

When Lucky first came to us we let him relax on his own in our “book room” and he held court on a big comfy chair. He didn’t trust us at first, but over time he has relaxed a lot. We can now easily pet him.

Lucky needs a little more trust-building and then will be available for a foster or adoptive home. He would be best as an only-cat or with one female kitty if there was patience and understanding. A mature single mom or dad or couple would be best for him.



Update September 2015

Lucky, most often called “Cowboy”, has become slightly more congenial. If he was an only cat with a very patient person (very experienced with cats) who did not expect cuddling and wanted a cat “roommate” he might be able to get a home. He can be petted for a few seconds now and then. He is very comfortable here and has a sponsor who donates for his food needs currently.