Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear

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Buddy Bear was a lovely 20-year-old senior.  He was a very sweet and lively old gentleman.  Even with his severe arthritis and kidney disease, he liked to trek around the house.  He had an interesting personality and was well loved the two years we had him at the end of his life.  He was truly one of a kind!

August 2017 update:  Buddy Bear passed away from Kidney disease at age 20 (or 21 maybe!).  We had hoped we had a lot more time ahead with our dear dear Buddy. I think he was with us about 2 years.  He was a very sweet old gentleman.  He had coped well with his arthritis and being nearly blind. He was a brave little guy and we will always have very fond memories of him.



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Molly had a great life with two of the seniors in our program.  She was a devoted companion.  It was a surprise when she was diagnosed with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and soon after pancreatitis.  This very loving kitty was very dear and will be missed who all had the privilege of knowing her.




In Memory of Tremain

July 2017


 It is with great sadness that we tell you that Tremain had a malignant tumour which was inoperable.  Tremain, a senior around 14 or 15, had been a lovable, feisty, and truly unique cat all his life and his foster mom was with him today when he went to sleep and passed away quietly.  We brought him from CCAR when we left to start our new rescue in 2009.  He had a fun foster home with a dog, then two more homes from which he was returned, and then found his true love foster mom who provided his dream-come-true forever home.  They had a strong bond and a wonderful life together. Tremain mellowed out in this relationship and even joined her for "Quilting NIght" in her apartment building where he let the others pet him.  He had many cute personality traits.  He was affectionate but could strike out if overstimulated and this had decreased with age (except when he had to go to the vet!).  His tumour came on suddenly and escalated quickly so he had only a short bad time and had a pain patch.  Luckily we got the results today so he did not have to suffer.  We only make this excruciating decision when a cat has a condition that cannot be cured and he would suffer.  In this case, we did not even have a bit more time to provide.  He had a wonderful retirement the last several years and now his mom feels he is at the Rainbow Bridge.



About Tremain

Tremain was only hours away from being put down when we got a call from the vet who thought we might want to take him under our wing. We did indeed! He was another nice fellow who went absolutely crazy when trapped and caged and gave the appearance of being wild and un-adoptable. Once presented with a comfy sofa he was a tame kitty!

Tremain is a lovely orange boy who is quite congenial. He gets along well with other cats and dogs and seems to enjoy the indoor life. He is friendly and affectionate without being mushy or dependent. Once Tremain trusts someone, he does enjoy sitting in their lap. He loves a nice pat on the head and scratch under the ears.

A nice big fuzzy bed in a sunny window is Tremain’s favorite hangout. He naps awhile and then watches the yard and street. He loves his food and is easy to please. Tremain is probably best around adults and not small children, as he can get very frisky at play time!

Tremain would do well in an apartment where the person went to work every day as he is easily able to accept long hours of quality alone time in a nice sunny window. He would be happy to greet you at the door in the evening and spend the night being your companion. He would also, of course, be fine with someone who is home all day and would probably follow them from room to room. He’s a great cat and we hope he has a great life ahead.

Tremain is currently in a foster home with a dog and doing just fine, but needs a permanent home of his own.





Update June 2012

Tremain is now in a permanent home in our Senior Foster Program.  He is doing really well and loves his "mom".  He is affectionate, follows her everywhere, and is being a good boy (learning not to bite!).  It took four years but Tremain has found his perfect match for a permanent home!


Update May 2012

Tremain now has a permanent senior foster home where he adores his "mom".  They have a great relationship and his long years of waiting for the right home are now over.  His mom loves him very much and understands him.  It was a perfect match worth waiting for!


Update February 2012

Tremain is now alone in his room which he greatly prefers.  He is very affectionate and sweet when there are no other cats around him.  He likes a lot of cuddling, including a desire for intense "kneading", and then likes to take a nap on a person he knows well.  However, at some point he goes off on his own and entertains himself with his toys. Tremain would do well in a quiet home with one person who is at work five days a week.  


Update May 2011

Tremain is relaxing here and getting along fairly well with everyone.  He still enjoys his alone time more than sharing with other cats.  Sienna (in the Cats in Care section) does like go to in his room which he allows a bit begrudgingly.  He likes petting but is not as demanding as in the past.


Update April 2011

Tremain is back with us and awaiting a foster or permanent home.  He can be a bit feisty, especially around other cats or if over stimulated.  He could be happy with a single person or couple and is very affectionate but can be demanding and wants attention frequently when the people are home.  He is a special boy who needs a special home.  He has had many homes and we hope he can find one where he can stay forever.





I'm a survivor though I may not look like one - yet. About 3 weeks ago I was first spotted on a farm looking for food. Life was tough and getting tougher. Something was making my ears itch so badly that I scratched till I was bleeding and still I itched. Food had been scarce for a long time, and many of my teeth were broken so even if I could catch something, I couldn't eat it properly. I found some old rained-on dog food at the farm and I ate it but I was still hungry. I hung around and found that the people there left little bowls of dry food out but I couldn't eat it very well because my teeth were hurting so much and it was hard.

I was desperate so one day I called out to the lady on the deck. She put out some great smelling food only it was in a metal wire box and I was scared to eat it so I went hungry again. The next day she put out fish but I was still too frightened of that box so I went hungry. Then she put out some other food that smelled so good and I was so hungry I went in the box to eat it. And I was trapped. I ate the food and then tried to get out but couldn't. When the sun came up again the lady came out and put a cover over me and I hissed at her. I wanted help but not like this. Another lady came and put me in a car and took me to a terrible place where it smelled like medicine and there were strange people looking at me and trying to poke me with something. I fought as hard as I could but they got me and I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was in a big metal wire box they called a “pen” and it had warm blankets over it and a comfy place for me to rest. I felt awful but there was food and lots of it and water, and a soft dry place to sleep. The new lady comes and puts more food in (she says it has antibiotics in it) and I hide in the corner because I am scared but maybe it isn't too bad if there's food and I feel a little better each day.

The lady who "trapped" me named me Cheddar because she read a book where a cat named Cheddar survived a fire, and she says I'm a survivor even though the doctors thought they couldn't save me as I was too far gone they said. This is me now, but soon I will get strong and well again and be beautiful like in the past.

And maybe one day my teeth won't hurt so much and I will be free and able to hunt again – or maybe I’ll get to have a cozy home indoors with a life of luxury someday. I'll keep hoping.



Update January 2016

Cheddar had a fabulous home where he really came out of his shell and enjoyed life to the fullest. He is a very special kitty who has left us now but with us forever in spirit.


Update December 2011

Cheddar, now renamed Murray, is our success story of the year.  He was adopted by a wonderful woman who understands his gentle soul.  He is progressing rapidly beyond our greatest hopes.  For many months here in the beginning he wouldn't even lift his little head and now he actually comes up to greet his new "mom" and loves cuddling and sleeping with her.  The adoption of Cheddar is the most heart-warming event of our year of 2011 and he was adopted on New Year's Eve.


Update November 2011

Cheddar is now very affectionate and loves being held and petted.  He is nervous for a few minutes around strangers, but then warms up quickly.  He has come a long ways!


Update August 2011

Cheddar has had his dental surgery and is recovering nicely.  If approached slowly and gently he now enjoys lots of petting, even including tummy petting.  He is making huge advancements!


Update July 2011

Cheddar has recovered from his injuries but is still exhausted from a long time on the ground.  He is beginning to gain weight and eats well, although he still awaits his dental surgery.  He is not strong enough yet for the required sedation, but we hope he will be up to the surgery in a couple of months. At that time he will need some kind donations so he can go through this last step in his recovery.  Cheddar is a nice cat who is beginning to accept petting and trust us more each week. 


Chi Chi Louise

Chi Chi Louise

     Chi Chi Louise got the loving home she deserved.  However, in less than a year she was struck with a devastating illness.  She had all vet care possible and losing her was devastating to her family.  Many of us will have good memories of Chi Chi and are glad she did end up in a loving home even if she did not have a long life.  This is a photo of Chi Chi Louise in her home.

Update May 2016

Chi Chi Louise, after a very long wait, has found her perfect forever home with a wonderful couple who will give her a lot of love.




Ziggy had many good years here at the rescue. He enjoyed his visitors and his kitty friends. For his last several months he had a very special visitor, Pat, our senior volunteer. Ziggy greeted her at the door and stayed by her every time she came. We all miss Ziggy very much.




We had the pleasure of knowing Anna Lise for about a year and a half. She had been fed for 10 years by a woman now nearly 98. We took Anna Lise to visit the woman every few weeks. Anna Lise had pancreatitis and kidney and thyroid issues. She was a very sweet elderly kitty who enjoyed her retirement indoors. She liked her visits to the senior who had helped her and would sit in her lap for petting. Finally, after a few hospitalizations, Anna Lise’s kidney totally failed and she passed away peacefully at the vet’s office. She was a very special kitty to all of us and will be greatly missed.




Update April 2016

Merlin became very ill and after a recent hospitalization, testing, and care was found to have very, very serious heart disease. He passed way peacefully at our vet’s office in the lap of his senior foster mom of over two years. He was a very special kitty.